The Government Efficiency Movement (GEM) is a grass-roots, municipality-led effort to rethink and restructure government.

Won't you help us build the Future?
The Government Efficiency Movement (GEM) strives to identify and implement new approaches to municipal cost-cutting by rethinking the nature of local government structures. GEM takes pride in being a grass-roots, municipality led initiative, created to address the current paradigm of redundant departments, where costs continue to rise rapidly, where little investment is made in technological or structural efficiencies, and no competitive pressure exists to make things better. GEM is committed to long term strategic planning, envisioning government with a structure different from that of today. GEM seeks to foster regional thinking and a broader array of innovative government service delivery options, including insourcing/outsourcing (classic "Shared services"), privatization, regionalization, including joint meetings and the creation of competitive service markets. GEM will not be satisfied with business as usual and will "rethink government from the ground up."